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Searching data for a match, and if the match is found add that thing to User's list?

Hi All

What I’m trying to accomplish is this:

  • User fills a verification code in a field and hits a button
  • If the verification code entered in the field matches a Candidate’s(thing) verification code
  • Add that Candidate to that User’s List of Candidates

I think I have the first part working
Screenshot (3)

But I’m struggling with how to assign the matching Candidate to the User’s List of Candidates

Any advice? Any thoughts on how to complete this workflow? Thanks in advamce

Hi @mdavirro52

Here from what I understand, you want to make change to a single user. and within that user you wish to add to the list of candidates.

So, instead of make changes to a list of things, you should select the action: make changes to a thing.

I hope that helps!

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Ohhhh, that makes sense. I will try that out. Thank you!

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