Searching data within lists

Hi there,

I’m working on engagement tracking metrics for my users and running into some issues working with lists. A simple example:

  • Users have a list of openDates of when they opened the app, including when they signed up. I have this in formatted both as a date and as a text (5/27/20) in two different lists at the User level. (I also have the default Created Date function, which matches the same day of the first date of openDates)
  • I want to output how many Users opened the app the day after they signed up
  • Another goal would be to see, for example, how many Users opened the app 3 days out of the first week

Ideally I would just be able to say: Do a search for Users where openDates contains This User’s Created Date + 1 day. This doesn’t seem possible.

Anyone have suggestions on working with data in this way, or do I have to run a workflow across all Users and assign a yes/no value to the User, and then count up those values?


I can’t say for sure this will work without trying it, but maybe try something along the lines of putting the search in a parent ‘apps’ group that searches for current apps open dates users = this user, then within the parent group Do a search for the parents group Users OpenDates - Created Date formatted in hours < 24