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Searching / Filtering data from nested Types (tables) using calculations

Hello Bubblers,

I am facing a challenge using “Do a search for” for Repeating Group datasource for Nested types using calculation from one of the nested Type.

Kindly see the attached photo for the structure and desired output through search.

I want to show the Output-1 & Output-2 in a repeating group using the TWO TYPES as shown in the image.

Output >
Car Name = Car Name from CAR TYPE
Repair Permitted = Repair Permitted from CAR TYPE
Total Repair Amount = Sum of all the repair amounts of a particular car from REPAIR TYPE
Balance Repair Amount = Repair Permitted (CAR TYPE) - Total Repair Amount (REPAIR TYPE)
To Be Charged = YES, If Balance Repair Amount < 0 else NO

Please help.

To be charged means
Check sum of repair car type with amount with another table car amount is not equal .

If it is equal then it should be not charged.

If you need any assistance please PM me