Searching for a plugin dev

Hello Friends,
I am looking for a plugin dev, which is familiar with implementing a NPM package within a server-side plugin. A react application is existing and can be used of reference.

Please reach out or comment with a plugin you’ve already built using a NPM package, to get the talks started. We are looking for capacities ASAP.

Many thanks!

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What package are you using. I program node almost every day lately.


@mishav is always a great option


@datproto: Note that, whatever you are building, what you are building is no big secret. Just let people know what it is – exactly – you want to do. This means noting the exact library you’re looking to implement, and for what purpose. Note that it’s still unlikely anybody reliable will respond, but maybe someone has already built exactly what you need. Don’t be cagey here. It’s not helpful to you.


Agreed, a lot of the pros here won’t even respond without receiving the details beforehand.


Hey Keith,
appreciate your response and we have a detailed explainer we send out for future details in private convos, however held this one here on purpose lightweight. There are plugins and features which can be easily disclosed and some which are not - always depends on the situation, and there is not such a general answer you’ve provided. Best!