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Searching for a Things Thing within a repeating group

I’m trying to do a search in a repeating group for a Thing’s Thing (User’s Qualification) and perform various counts. Such as Number of Qualifications, Number of expired Qualifications etc…

I thought it would be a simple “Parent group’s User’s Qualifications:count” but this doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried creating an attribute for the Thing Qualifications’s “Status”, and count these, but I haven’t been able to make that work either.

Does anyone know how to get this to work or how to count the number of Things who’s expiry date is < Today’s date?

You can try:
Parent group's User's Qualifications :filtered

Within the ‘filtered’ property you can assign these conditions on the expiry date as
expiry date < current date/time

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Thanks for the reply Ranjit, unfortunately, that didn’t work for me.
The expression turns red.

I also tried
Parent group's User's Qualifications :filtered :Count

This changed the expression from red to blue, but still didn’t work :confused:.

Looks like you didn’t add :count after :filtered

:filtered returns a list of things. This is insufficient information to the text element, since it doesn’t know what property of that list it should display as text. That’s why it’s red. Adding :count will tell it to show a number.

I thought that was the case and previously added count to the expression, but it came back as nothing.

I should have 10 Qualifications in total and 1 expired.

Is there a Privacy Rule blocking your Qualification Thing/table perhaps?

I had that issue initially when trying to populate the User’s in the repeating group.
I created a privacy rule to exempt User’s who had the role “Admin”, which sorted that issue out.

I’ve tried appling the same rule to the Thing “Qualifications”, but it comes back with the empty results.

Maybe check the parent group’s properties to see if it has the right data assigned to it?

The parent group should have
type: User
source: Current Cell’s User

Hi Ranjit,

I thought that might be the case too, but it’s already setup just as you have suggested.
I also tried creating an element in the cell without a group, and it was coming up as 0 as well.

Group Selected

Copied Text Element

The User’s data (name etc) is coming up ok, so the RG should be setup properly.
It’s just retrieving the data from the User’s Qualifications.



Happy to take a look if you want to PM me a link to your app (and open up access via Settings > General

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@edwardbutcher solved this one for me.
I hadn’t linked the Qualifications to my User’s properly.
When creating a Qualification, I should have included in the workflow to add that qualification to the User.
I assumed that was automatic when I created a new field for the User (Thing) and used the field type = List of Qualifications.


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