Searching for API partner

Hi freelancers,

We are searching for a API developer, we offer our clients a API service, where they deliver us their documentation and everything that is needed to work together.

This wil consist creating different POST API calls, and chatting with clients if there are any questions during the integration.

You will work in our in-house portal where you can chat, and see all the information about the API.


  • Create & initialize API call’s
  • Add the API’s to our workflow
  • Chatting with clients about the API if there are any questions

On average we get 1 API service request per 2 weeks. We are willing to pay €20,00 fixed fee per successful API integration.

We will provide you everything you need to get started.

Note: this job is available from the start of December.

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30 minutes admin per request + 30 mins integration = €20/hr for anyone looking

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I can assist you with your requirement.

To discuss further in details, please reach me out through Skype via cis.garry or drop me mail at

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

Best regards,