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Searching for usernames

Hey! I am trying to set up something to where I search for a username for a user and go to their profile. Can someone help me work this out? I already have the auto complete dropdown element where I search the username but when I click the username that shows up in the dropdown nothing happens

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Depends what you want to do, but of you create a text box and (for example) point it at the dropdown users email … You can display the user details.

Clicking on the search may not do a lot. But you can drive other elements.

I want to click the username and go to their profile once I search them, also I want the profile picture to show up next to the username

You can do the profile picture, put an image element on the page and point it at the autocomplete’s user’s picture.

But the click on the dropdown is going to be difficult, as it doesn’t have a click event to trigger the work flow.

You would need a button “Go to profile” next to it.

Potentially you could use a condition of when the autocomplete “is pressed” to trigger something.