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Searching or Filtering repeating group with results from joined tables

I need a little (Maybe a lot of) help. I’ll start by explaining what I’m working with.

I have 4 tables, three contain unique information and the third contains relationships

Unique tables
-User- -Species- -Breed- (Breed also contains a relationship to Species but it is not used to complete this query currently)

Relationship Table

The goal is to be able to filter by both distance to an address and by Species or Breed.

I can filter by distance when displaying all Species and Breeds by searching the User table for distance to X but I can’t figure out how to add search or filtering criteria that will assess the user based on entries in the Pets table. This is the default state

I can filter by Species or Breeds by searching the Pets table and displaying the creator, but then I can’t filter by distance. These searches are conditional states on the main results repeating group.

I have tried structuring my data different ways and this is the closest I have gotten. I tried working with lists but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around creating and modifying them.

Here is a link to a copy of the app, Thanks in advance for any ideas or advise.

Two ways to do this.

The “easy to search, harder to create” method would be to have a list of users on each breed and species. That way you can filter the list on whether the breed has “this user” in the owners of this breed list.

An alternative is to search for users and user an advanced filter to pull put users who have pets of this species.

To do this I added a list to the User table, which is a list of Pets.

I created a new page, “search2” and also an admin page to allow you to attach pets to users.


This looks much easier than what I was doing. Thanks for the help, I was having trouble figuring out how to utilize the filter function. I will give this a try this evening. Thank you very much.