Searching ranked by most matching keywords?

I am still very new and am building an agency app for independent musicians. Each musician must enter a list of their most influential artists they cover (keywords). On the musician profile page, I want to display a repeating group with similar independent musicians based on and ranked by their lists of matching keywords.

What sort of search for and expression do I need to rank a musician with the most matching keywords please? TIA

I think there are many forum topics around this but there is no built-in solution to sort the repeating group data based on a calculated field (that is not in DB). I have tried several free plugins, but none of them worked smooth. There seems to be this paid plugin doing the job as I have seen in the demo: List Sorter (Computed Values) Plugin | Bubble

I could come up to the demo below (built-in bubble things) but not sort it, sorry :slight_smile:

The last column is calculated like this:

Maybe some other nice forum people can enlighten us.

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Many thanks Hergin for your very worthy efforts :slight_smile:

By the looks of it this may take a while to find an optimum solution but your method is a good approach.

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