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Searching Repeating Group with Wildcard

bump on this one - is there any news on progress here?

@emmanuel Do we have an update on this?
@allenyang maybe you’ll be able to chime in on where this is on the roadmap?

@emmanuel any updates?

Hello all,

In the spirit of transparency, this feature is in our backlog of ideas we’d like to tackle in the future, but is not in active development as a native feature.

Note, though, that the recently launched native integration with Algolia does enable partial-word searches (but is only available to higher tiers). Also note that the native Bubble search does handle word stems if the semantic meaning is the same (so “think” will return results for “thinking”, but “thin” will not), though I do understand that it doesn’t completely address the use case here.



Hey Allen, thanks for the update. Wondering what would need a to happen to get this one prioritized? Seems like a very frequently asked for feature by a lot of customers.

Have you tried using search and autocorrect plugin to obtain the results? It will do a wildcard search for you by matching mispelled words or non caps etc. , partial words

yup but that searches on the front end so doesn’t work well if you have lots of entries in the DB

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This is really frustrating. Having to pay $100 + per month and not being able to have a decent semantics search.
If user searches either for: aples, apple, apleas, the search engine should return relevant results for apple from database.
Right now, I have items with name “apples”, but if user searches for “AppleS”, no result is returned.

Bumping this for visibility. Anyone else still waiting for this?

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Also looking for the option…

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@emmanuel Do we have any progress here? Seriously critical since I can’t do search in Japanese with the fuzzy search and autocorrect plugin…

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@emmanuel Sounds like it’s time to implement this. Thanks!

any updates?

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Yes please. This is a feature that seems to be requested for a long time no. Any status update?

Hi @emmanuel @allenyang

Has there been any progress on this? Bump.
I’ve just recently started using Bubble because of its backend. This would be a bit of a deal-breaker for our app’s functionality.

Is there a way to implement this using custom code or a workaround?

Bumping this thread.
I was using Search and Autocorrect but once a client asked our company to bulk upload their database (around 2500 entries) the search stoped working.

Having a native “advanced” search tool is a must.

@Emmanuel is there any ETA for this?

Some news??? :no_mouth:

Can anyone from Bubble explain why such a feature is missing and after 6 years completely ignored? As a developer I cannot understand why this is missing. It’s yet another reason why I can’t recommend Bubble to other developers when basic functionality like this is missing.

Hey @madvaultllc,

I know it doesn’t answer your question exactly, but the quick find Plugin Quick Find Search (here is the Plugin page ) was designed to reduce this limitation from Bubble.
this Plugin addresses several limitations from the :filtered operation. Here is a demo page demonstrating the Limitations and Speed differences

Indeed, to search a string in Bubble you can always use the A- … contains or the B- … contains keyword(s).

A- … contains:

  • Useful for returning exact matches for partial words (e.g., 'A', 'pl', 'Appl', etc will return 'Apple')

:x:Limitation of A- … contains (Quick Find Plugin doesn’t have this limitation):

  1. Case sensitive ('Apple' won’t return 'apple');

B- … contains keyword(s):

  • Useful for returning non case sensitive words and/or partial phrases;

:x:Limitations of B- … contains keyword(s) (Quick Find Plugin doesn’t have these limitations):

  1. Can’t be used on Data source of type Text (Text type Data sources can’t have … contains keyword(s) operators, but only Constraint: … contains);
  2. Can’t be used in Advanced: filter (Advanced: filters can’t have … contains keyword(s) operators, but only Constraint: … contains);
  3. Can’t use as a disjunction (i.e., "OR") on Data sources with multiple fields (Because this operator isn’t available in an Advanced filter you can’t use "OR" to indicate field_1 "OR" field_2 contains the value of an input);
    Limitation Limitation2
  4. Can’t use with partial words ('pple' won’t return 'apple');

:x:Joint limitations of A & B (Quick Find Plugin doesn’t have these limitations):

  1. No misspelling accepted ('aple' won’t return 'apple');
  2. No scoring to prioritize the order of the matched search list (Searched results will appear from the Data source order, not from the relevance of the search, so searching 'ship' could return ['Tommy hates spaceships', 'Lucy should worship you', 'Ships are great'] instead of ['Ships are great', 'Lucy should worship you', 'Tommy hates spaceships']);

  1. No two way searching ('mertens finn' won’t return 'Finn Mertens') (Note: here there is a little fluke as the … contains keywords(s) operator will return 'Finn Mertens' with 'mertens finn', but not with 'mertens ', 'mertens f', 'mertens fin', etc. So as the user is typing, the result will disappear as soon as a space is added 'mertens ' and won’t be returned until 'mertens' or 'mertens finn' is type;

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.