Second app RG doesn't refresh after updating main app data

Hi everyone!

I have 2 bubble apps, wich are connected through the app connector plugin. To put it simple, my main app works as a ERP and it has data visualization features. On the other hand, my secondary app is used to collect the data (An API call triggers an API workflow in the main app to create new things), but it also displays some of this data in a RG (the 2nd app fetches the main app data and displays it in the secondary app RG).

The issue is that when I create a new thing through the API workflow, everythings works fine, but after the new thing is created in the main app, the 2nd app RG doesn’t update unless I refresh the page, which is not suitable to my use case.

I have tried all the RG’s Element Workflows (display, reset, etc.) and nothing works. Is this supposed to work like this? Is there a way to work around this problem?

In advance thanks!

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