Second try to get help with only changing a data fields date an not its time

When i run this (screenshot bellow) is changes both the date and time in the data base. But I want it to only change the date, how is this done?
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 10.54.30

You can set the time to anything you want…

Consider Time-of-event = This Event's Time-of-event change date to Current cells's date:extract date.
Didn’t test it, but might work. If it doesn’t, just change each component - year, month, day separately.

Just tried your solution it works perfectly. Just one question though if i use

It only changes the date right. But I want to change the year, and month would I have to repeat this expression two more times with extract month and year at the end

Yeap, wrote from mobile and didn’t remember whether date is a full date or just day of month. If it only changes day, just repeat the same for month and year.

Thanks for the help mate

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