Second Version error

I don’t know if this is a bug or the performance of bubble.

We have created a third version for quality assurance of the live version to find bugs and other problems there.

Yesterday we noticed in “verion-qs” (quality assurance) that the app is extremely slow. I was troubleshooting for a while and couldn’t find anything that could explain this performance slump. So I tested on “version-test” and found that there were no problems. Sometimes the “version-qs” was 10 seconds slower than the “version-test”. The version was freshly created, the database was the same. Why is it possible that this version is much slower?

The problem is, we can’t be sure if this is also the case in the “version-live”. This would be fatal for our customers.


Hi @j.hennersdorf

There are many bugs in versioning and we know they are trying to fix them. So far I have not observed that it affects the live version. Create a bug report if you haven’t, so they can investigate it more deeply.