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Secure Connection Failed - SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

I started getting this issue today. Any ideas?


What is your app url?

Its intermittent. Some users see the error, some dont.

Yes I 'm seeing the same error when I look at your site. Other bubble apps seem to work okay.

Any ideas how to clear that?
I am still getting users saying they cannot access the site…

@jeffrey.j.obrien, have you filed a bug report yet?

Looks like this is now sorted. I had to log a false positive report/request with each virus protection provider that flagged the site as Phishing. Once they OK’d the site, users were able to access it again.

  1. Do a search for the virus providers incorrectly categorizing your site. I used VirusTotal
  2. Log a false positive request with each one. For example, say Avast is categorizing your site as SPAM. Then google “Avast report false positive” and you will find the form.
  3. Wait for confirmation it has been re-categorized and verify.