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Secure Link for combined data

Is it possible the following with the BIO? If so, any pointers?
User A submits Data A from Mobile App
User B submits Data B from the same Mobile App
Data A and B go to one place( I assume DB and some kind of storage)
User C(admin, for example, or whoever has the secure link) accesses Data A+B via a secure link
Data will be a combination of text, images, and audio.

Thank you in advance.


Yes, in theory this is all possible using Bubble. Our database tab has data API endpoints that your mobile app can connect to to transmit data to the same place. These data API endpoints can be protected through oAuth2.0 or via admin API key.

You can also design an admin interface on your Bubble app, and secure it with user authentication methods (ie: only admins can access).

Please let me know if you have any specific questions about how this would work!

Thanks @sam.morgan . I guess it would be helpful to get some tutorial/steps on how to do it with something simple. User A submits text “Hello”, User B submits text 'World", then link generated will present data on the website as a table, for example, [it should be dashboard but taking baby steps], and show “Hello World”.


It sounds like you’re just getting started on Bubble - rather than focusing on specific features or workflows, its really practical to approach learning Bubble like you would approach learning a new language - once you learn the syntax behind the language, using it to create specific features and manipulate your data will start to come second nature. I would recommend getting started by browsing our academy page at

For your specific desired feature, the “syntax” you’ll want to learn is the basic concepts behind the workflow, design, and data tab. This video series will help a lot with that.

From there, you’ll be able to create an input for your mobile users to enter a value (assuming the “mobile app” you’re describing is part of your Bubble app), a button that triggers a workflow which sends the value to your app’s database, and then an admin page where an admin can view a “repeating group” of data from your app.

These are all core Bubble concepts, and learning the concepts rather than the feature will set you up for success.