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Security Feature Request - Add Login Notification Email

Is it possible to add a security feature to Bubble that sends an email to the main account user when anyone has logged in to

This way if someone gets access somehow to your password for, you get a notification if/when someone logs in and are provided with their IP address to location information.

A lot of domain registrars do this now.

Leaving it unsecured opens up your entire system to someone else to do whatever they want, including delete your app if they wanted to.

A two-step login option would be appropriate for some users I’m sure, where once enabled they must verify with a Twilio cell phone auth code, similar to how Stripe does.

In my view, more emphasis or at least options such as 2-step auth turned on/off, should be implemented with the growing number of power users using Bubble for business.


I would love a 2-step auth option for the Bubble accounts. Yes, fully support this.

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@emmanuel how can we delete the password associated to the current account to rely on oauth if more security isn’t something your team finds it can implement any time soon?