Security Mitigation Measure for File Manager

Good day Guys, I would really appreciate some help in convincing one of my clients to go live with a project. I’ve completed the development and part of the process was to have the application undergo a penetration test.

They have completed the report and it was successful except for a vulnerability found where anyone with enough knowledge can post files to your file manager folder. The penetration testers were able to place all types of files, html, exe, pdf, images, javascript files etc.

Simply put, https;//yourapplicationdomain//fileupload/HTTP/1.1 exposes an endpoint where you can simply post a file and have it stored. In the response to the post request, the url of the file uploaded successfully is returned. As such, someone can place a bad file and use it for some other reason and it will lead back to your application.

The customer will go ahead once we show a reasonable mitigating action outside of manually logging into the file manager and looking for files with no user_id associated with the file.

I know that there is no way for those files to be presented to the application and that’s a safety measure in of itself. Just looking for a solution which can be presented.

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Hi, were you able to find any solution to this?

No. I manually do checks on the folders to make sure that there is’nt anything bad happening.
Hope they get around to it soon.