See a page's audience in real time


I am using to create a webinar platform. I was able to do almost everything I needed.

Now I’m stuck on one thing. My client is asking for the ability to see a graph or something similar to know in real time how many people are connected to a project (a page) and a history of the audience.

Can you think of a way to do this?

I do not want to use other solutions like Google Analytics due to GDPR concerns.

Thank you,

Hi @clem,

Maybe try: Plausible Analytics | Simple, privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative

They’re GDPR compliant.

Thanks Johnny,

I will check that !

Thank you @NigelG,

This is what I’ve finally done but with my livestreaming service provider.

Now I have a difficulty to show a good-looking chart but this is another topic :slight_smile:

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