See repeating group item details in a group that pops up when you hover

I have a repeating group with lists of names, and I would like to put a “+” sign in each row, so that when you hover over the plus sign for an individual, a group displaying details for that individual shows up. When I set this up now, any part of the details group that is above or below the row in the repeating group gets cut off. This feature works correctly on Twitter, where you can over over the author of any tweets in your list, and their details will pop up above that row. I think it would be great to change the Bubble default formatting so that as long as an object is “technically” within a repeating group row, that entire item shows up instead of just the portion within the confines of the row. Thanks!

Have a look here first …

You set up your text within a “stretch to fit” text box, which is inside a Collapsible Group. When you click something, you show the group, and the repeating group expands.

However, I am not sure that you can do a “hover” condition to trigger this. But there is another way with hover that might work.

You need to put the text, set to “stretch to fit” in a text box, but set to truncate at the first x characters. Make this fit into your cell. You then have a condition set to hover that changes the Text, and pull back ALL of the text you want to display. This will also make the repeat group cell expand.

So it isn’t quite as you wanted i.e. you wouldn’t be able to hover an icon and make the text box expand. But maybe near enough ?

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Hello! Can you please tell me how you did it? I am creating a similar functionality where users can click on “details” button to see other’s information?