Seeing data in repeating group

I have drivers that i have assigned to different organizations. I want to display only those drivers for that organization in a repeating group on the organization profile . I added the drivers in the database but cant get them to show up in repeating group

ss your editor,
most likely you want to use workflow flow action: display list parent group’s organisation’s drivers. ->repeating group drivers.


change type of content to drivers.
data source should be 'whatever organisation’s drivers
maybe, current page organisation’s drivers.

driver isn’t an option for type of content. the driver option isn’t available until I choose organization. I was thinking Drivers listed under the user type 2… in data tab I have type Organization with list of drivers as fields… Should I also add a spearate type for drivers?

because you dont have a driver type,
so have ‘user’ type instead. and a field on user, driver? yes/no

or create a separate driver type and on your organisation have a field called drivers, list of drivers

ok that makes sense

that was just an example
here is another

“Thanks beau”

got it thanks!

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