Seeing double - Group Collapse when hidden

Am i seeing double?

You’re not crazy! I saw this same thing earlier and it had me scratching my head. I haven’t done any testing yet to see if they both work or if they do the same thing.

Maybe a new way on implementing the vertical collapse? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I just saw this too…

For a minute I was hoping it might be a new feature ‘Collapse width when hidden’, but it’s not - it’s the exact same thing as the collapse height when hidden - they’re identical, and when you tick one they both get selected and vice versa.

I guess it’s just a glitch in the editor

I saw this yesterday too, but it wasn’t just on groups like the existing option is, it was on pretty much all types of elements, as far as I could tell.

Maybe it’s a new feature they’re testing, would be an interesting option to have.

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