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Seeking a bubble mentor (Zoom)

Hi I have 15 years expert as a web developer /software engineer but have been using bubble the last 3 weeks and I love it (for the most part!)

I’d like to connect with an experienced Bubble dev who can show me some of the advanced topics and tricks of the trade.

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Hey there @brenton.strine,

I’d check out @J805

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Hey @brenton.strine :wave:

I would be happy to help out. Bubble is such an amazing tool and there are such great things that you can do with it.

Many experienced developers just need a session or two to get up to speed on Bubble. I find that they pick it up very quickly once they are able to ask someone a few questions to get over the learning curve.

Thanks @johnny for the ping.

Hope to see you soon @brenton.strine! :blush:


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