Seeking a developer to build a landing page with calculated fields

We are looking for a developer to build a calculated fields form to calculate solar rebate amount and solar system size based on the customers power bill amount.

I can provide rebate table, and formulas how to calculate system size, just need this put together in a usable form where we can collect users contact details in turn for using the form.

I would like time frame for completion and pricing, thanks


This would greatly depend on the complexity of the formulas and type of page. I would be glad to take a look if you want to send me the formulas to give you a pricing idea.

Hello @troyfaulder78

If you like to do it by yourself checkout the Excel formula plug-in called formulize

I actually had trouble getting that one to work @AliFarahat. I tried multiple different directions, but the examples provided just didn’t really make it easy for me. I ended up manually building in my calculations the long way. I think it would be helpful if when you clicked on the example formulas, you got to see a step by step with real data/examples.