Seeking a Developer to build a tool to run my tax shop

I am an Accountant in Africa. I have a tax shop where small businesses come in to handle their tax filings. We need to build a simple tool to automate the processes of the taxshop. The tool will track Clients, Jobs, Tasks and Invoices.
It will also allow clients to login to access their tax documents.
It will have very similar features as a Project Management Tool; except this time, Projects are called Jobs and tied to Clients.
We have a simple workflow and an Excel document which explains the Menus and features of the Application that we seek.
Please help.

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Hello @Chioma,

I can assist you with the same.

PM Sent.

Looking forward to your response.

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Norman F.


I would be able to help you out on this…
You can reach me on

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Hi @theaccountant,

Sound like an interesting idea.
Just PM’ed you, please, check your inbox.


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