Seeking a Plugin Dev - Select Text within an iFrame

I use an AirDev plug in to select text on my screen and make it appear in another element or database.

However, I am not able to select text and make it appear in another element or database when that text is within a document that is embedded in my Bubble page.

I would like to get a quote from you for building a plug in that allows a user to select text within an embedded/iFrame document (PDF, Word, Google drive) and have that text appear in a text box and/or database (i.e., “create a new thing” workflow)).

An example of the problem is below. You can see how I can highlight text within an embedded document but it is not being recognized as being selected. If text on the page was selected, then it would be recognized.

Please let me know if you think you can help and any next steps. Thank you!


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I made a plugin for you to highlight text within Bubble pages. It doesn’t support iframes or PDF’s atm. You can see the demo below.

It’s expected to be released soon, as it’s pending review.

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Any updates to this? I need the exact same feature in my web application as well, but currently no plugins to support it.