Seeking Advice on Resolving Issues for Application Development

Hello! I am reaching out to the community forums because I am having trouble with a new application that I am developing. Unlike the previous version of Bubble, where I was able to set options for “full width” that worked on any resolution, I now encounter white bars on the sides that I do not like. I am wondering if there is a way to fix my screen resolution to work for any size, with a primary focus on desktop compatibility.

I have attached two example pictures to illustrate the differences between the old and new versions. Essentially, I am trying to find a way to make it an option in the editor for the resolution to be fixed for any screen, rather than being too big or too small, so that it is not limited to just 1920x1080 compatibility. Any recommendations or suggestions from the community would be fantastic. I look forward to hearing back soon! - newer version - older version

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Try changing the container layout to “Row” or “Column”. Choose depending on your layout. You should then be able to set a minimum width and a maximum width. You can control it from been too small or big this way

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