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[Seeking Alpha testers] Search via Algolia

I came across this Plugin today from @zeroqode . It allows to integrate Algolia Search…

This is awesome @allenyang, thanks for the update here. What’s your ETA for launch of this?

Have you tested the plugin yourself @nocodeventure? If so, how well did it work?

I haven’t tested but @levon can answer that

We’ll probably launch to a Beta (available to all users) soon!

(CLARIFICATION: Beta and full rollout will still have the feature limited to apps on the Professional plan and above)

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Firstly, this is amazing. I’m dying to have this natively. Could really use it for a client deployment and would be willing to alpha test this second (though sadly, I’ll be starting them off on the personal plan - not the professional plan). Which brings me to my questions:

  1. I’m seeing conflicting information in this thread. First:

    This feature will be for the Professional tier and above, so to participate in the Alpha, your app will need to meet this criteria

    Then this was said:

    We’ll probably launch to a Beta (available to all users) soon!

    So who will actually be able to use this feature? All bubble users or only those who pay at least $115 per month?

  2. Can you elaborate on the keyword soon? Are we talking like three months soon? Less than a month? It’s fine if you need to keep things ambiguous, I understand that, I’m just curious

Also, @levon , I’m looking at using your Algolia plugin, have read all your documentation, and opened all your elements (as far as I can tell) and am wondering, “Does Update also create an Algolia object if it doesn’t exist?” The keyword create is in none of your documentation (well, it shows up but only when talking about manually creating an index / adding data from the Algolia dashboard)… so it has me worried that I can’t actually add to an algolia index from Bubble using your plugin… And I’ve been resistant to setup an Algolia account only to find out that that is true (since I really do need to be able to add objects)

  1. Sorry for the confusion - our plan is that the feature will remain Professional and above even after it ‘officially’ rolls out.

  2. Barring any unforeseen bugs or obstacles, “soon” = this week or next (but will still be labeled a “Beta”, per our new Alpha / Beta staging - it will be available to all users Professional and above when in Beta, ie you don’t need us to “turn the feature on” for you)

(But note that if your app already has the feature turned on as part of this Alpha, it will stay on in the transition to a Beta)

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Also - note that this is a private group thread just for alpha testers :slight_smile:

Hey @allenyang any update on the release of this if you can share? Looking forward to trying it out!

What is the difference between this and the Plugin available from @zeroqode?

The alpha is still ongoing, but we think we’ll be able to move to the (open) beta phase soon!

@nocodeventure - I’m not intimately familiar with the plugin, but this is being built as a native feature, so will be kind of like Google Maps / Geocode in terms of UX. You’ll be able to control what gets sent to Algolia via the Privacy page, and Algolia will show up as a data source for elements. One difference might be that with the v1 of our implementation, only the fully public fields of a data type will be indexed, whereas it seems like the plugin gives you more granular control over what you send to the index.


I bought and tested. The documentation is not great but it’s super fast when you manage to set it up. I was actually playing around with it yesterday and ran into a few issues with geo though.

@allenyang I would be interested in testing but need to hear that geographic searching with some kind of radius search would be available. Is that on the cards?

Geographic searching is not part of v1, but is a candidate for v2


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Hi @allenyang Just checking in regarding the status of this moving to public beta. If not soon can I message you directly to still be added to the alpha? Thanks.

It should hopefully be soon-ish; reaching out to you via DM to discuss timing!

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Is there a limit to how much we could send to Algolia?

There’s no extra limit on our side beyond the limits on Algolia’s side.

Please note that this feature has moved to Beta and is now available to all (Professional plan and above)

See this thread for the announcement: [New feature] [Beta] Algolia search integration!