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Seeking Bubble devs/designers for startup work (referral, subcontract, etc)

Do you know how to get stuff done in Bubble? Do you want to get paid?

I’m handling the technical stuff for Startup Mavericks. We help (very) early stage startups validate their idea, demonstrate product-market fit, raise money, assemble a team, and generally get to “default alive”.

We’re developing relationships with Bubble devs so we can send our clients to them, or send small/large/ongoing pieces of client work to them.

If you’re interested, get at me on the forums or here: [email protected]

Here are some examples of the sort of stuff we’re looking to get done today:

  • setup client’s facebook API and integrate facebook login into app
  • evolve the “look and feel” of an app
  • build and tie together the database, UI, and workflows for specific functions
  • setup client’s app store accounts and push a “native” app
  • be available for smaller, on-call updates/fixes
  • possibly take over ongoing support/maintenance of client apps