Seeking Canvas experience

Hi there,

I’m seeking a developer to help finish a project using the Canvas template by Airdev. The project is a niche platform for recruiters enabling them to build profiles that demonstrate their experience. It’s approx. 80% complete, and may take another 40-80 hours or so to complete for an experienced bubble dev, who is familiar with the canvas framework.

Key project outputs are:

  • Setting up the user account page
  • Adding filter functionality to search results page
  • Setting up privacy rules
  • Finishing touches to responsive design

Interested devs will be required to show previous delivery using Canvas.

My info:



I sent you a connection request. Let’s connect via

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You might want to inquire with Airdev about their new “Flex” program. It enables you to work with one of their experienced Canvas developers on more of a freelance basis.


Hi @oscar.farnese,

We can absolutely help you with this at Bootstrapped . It’s where you can find highly skilled, experts and Certified Bubble Developers/UI/UX Designers who has experienced in using Canvas template. They are offering their services at different hourly rates that would surely meet your skillset needs and budget. You may check on this link our bunch of already built featured projects. Kindly check my DM as well. Looking forward to receiving your response. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Oscar,

I am working right now on a project based on airdev’s canvas.
I can absolutely help you out there.
Lets connect :