Seeking Experienced Developer for Custom CRM Project

We are looking for a skilled developer to create a custom CRM system for our educational center. The CRM should facilitate student and group management, financial administration, contract management, business analytics, and lead management.

Key Features:

  1. Student and Group Management:
  • Student registration, status tracking, and transitions between groups
  • Attendance tracking with unique statuses for each student and class schedules.
  1. Financial Administration:
  • Invoice generation, automatic payment verification (XML File should be enough), and debtor reminders.
  1. Contract Management:
  • Generation, sending, and conclusion of contracts, along with student data archival.
  1. Business Analytics:
  • Comparative analysis of key metrics and individual student analytics.
  1. Lead Management and Registration of Potential Students:
  • Managing leads and registering new students for trial lessons and on the website.

Please provide:

  • An estimated budget and timeline for this project.
  • Examples of previous projects, especially any related to CRM or educational platforms.
  • Your availability and preferred communication method.

We are keen on partnering with a reliable and experienced developer for this project. If you’re interested, please respond with the requested information and any further inquiries you might have.

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Hi Artur, sounds like you are building an interesting project. I have worked with a LMS (learning management system) before and I am currently building a CRM as well. Please dm me so we can discuss what I can do for you in further detail.

How can I DM you? I dont see such a button =)
sorry, I am new here

You dm people by clicking their profile image and then clicking the “Message” button in the pop-up window. I have messaged you already, you should see it in your notifications in the top right corner.

Hello, I came across your post seeking a bubble developer I’m a Bubble developer with over 7+ years of working experience on the no-code platform.
I recently completed a project management app which is similar to your job description here for a client via fiverr and i have gone through Gregory John’s Project Management app Bubble course multiple times, I have executed many startup projects and MVPs and helped many entrepreneurs and companies to superchange their ideas into reality.
My Expertise includes:
UI/UX Design
Custom Backend workflows
Custom Database setup
Figma to Bubble Design (Mobile Responsive)
User Fiendly web application
Custom API Integration

Some of my work samples are included in these videos;

I would love to see your wireframes or figma designs before i can provide an estimate on how much this project would cost and timeline to develop.