Seeking Expert Assistance for Matching Algorithm on Bubble

Veterinary Locumotion is a platform designed to match locum relief veterinary professionals with veterinary clinics, hospitals, and practices - WordPress “front end” and Bubble “back end”. We are looking for an individual Bubble expert to assist us in creating workflows that will continuously match veterinary professionals with veterinary practices based on specific criteria.

Project Overview: The matching algorithm must consider the following criteria:

  1. Type of Veterinary Professional: Veterinarian, veterinary nurse, or veterinary technician.
  2. Distance: Matching within a specified distance (e.g., 100kms) between professionals and practices.
  3. Dates Available (Availabilities): Listed by veterinary professionals.
  4. Dates Needed (Needs): Listed by veterinary practices.

Current Status: We have attempted to create the matching algorithm but are facing difficulties in implementing the desired workflows. The platform is built using the Bubble no-code platform.

Scope of Work: The selected expert will be responsible for:

  • Analyzing the existing structure and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Designing and implementing a robust matching algorithm based on the specified criteria.
  • Creating continuous workflows to run the matching process.
  • Testing the algorithm to ensure it meets the requirements.
  • Providing documentation and support for future maintenance.


  • Proven experience with Bubble, including complex workflow creation.
  • Knowledge of location-based services and date/time handling.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.

Proposal Submission: Interested individuals are invited to submit a short, 1-page proposal outlining:

  • Understanding of the project requirements.
  • Proposed approach and methodology.
  • Timeline and milestones.
  • Cost estimate.
  • Relevant portfolio or examples of similar work.

Contact Information: Please submit your proposal to [email protected] or reply to this post for any inquiries.

Not keen on taking any project but why would you use Bubble as a backend? There are better and (most importantly) cheaper solutions for a backend to your WordPress site.

Have you done your own pricing comparisons?

They have a Wordpress hosted marketing page and Bubble hosted app, so by frontend they mean their marketing page and backend the actual app that matches

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Ah okay, that makes sense. I thought they were using Bubble for just database operations.

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