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Seeking: freelance Bubblers for part-time work ($60-120/hr)

Are you a freelance bubble developer with an extra 5-10 hrs/wk on your hands? Ready to make some extra cash in your spare time working flexible hours?

At Sixty, we connect software users with experts in when they need help for 1-on-1 support via screen share.

We are looking for a few high-quality Seed Experts for our Bubble Community.

What’s a seed expert? One of Sixty’s first experts on Bubble. You’ll have influence in our community and a head-start on your reputation. For example, Brendan, one of our Seed Experts on Squarespace, brought in over $30k working roughly 10 hours a week last year.

How does it work? We’ve designed Sixty to complement your existing job. You simply sync your calendar then clients can book during your free periods. You just show up, help the client solve their issue, and get paid on a per-minute-basis.

What’s a session? Work is done in real-time via screen-share. We’ve found the best way to gain clarity is to dive right into the problem with the client. They know their business and you know bubble, so you can work fast.

How do I apply? Shoot us an application and we’ll take it from there.

Happy to answer any other questions here as well!

  • David & Alex

Thanks to those who have sent in applications already and signed up for Sixty. We have a few spots left for anyone who is interested in signing up. Happy designing!

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