Seeking Senior Dev for established Seed Stage Startup

@georgecollier is on fire today

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I just don’t care, if a company doesn’t want opinions on their job they should post it on Indeed, not a public forum, defamation my ass :rofl:

When I first replied I wasn’t even coming at it from a ‘you’re exploitative’ angle - I was literally saying, if you want to attract good applicants, you need to do this. I totally get that a business has to make money - my devs don’t get 100% of the client’s revenue, duh. But a business won’t make money without good devs, and you won’t get good devs without good offers.

OP should’ve taken the feedback on the chin so they can get better quality applicants, but instead made themselves look a whole lot worse :laughing:


Thanks @rupert1 I applied twice, actually not thrice…maybe the third time’s the charm, lol.

And yeah…I got the right team already…Many thanks :blush:

Oh god, no. :rofl: Just trolling the comments. I’d never move to Dubai in the near future. Your deck description of the job is not details, there’s a dearth of information.

Your reasoning for not wanting to discuss salary is bonkers. My guess is making that information know might help you find the “senior devs” you want plus waste less time during the interview process due to no alignment of compensation packages.


Translation based on his other actions: Must be easy to take advantage of, gullible, and/or be okay with us mistreating our other employees😅

Word to the wise, don’t publicly or privately threaten the use of free speech and constructive criticism of a pretty large community member and expect to be looked at as a company with good culture.


Guys, come on. Please, let’s not promote this trolling culture here. We already have a few members here who, i feel, visit the forums just to pick on job posts, troll and to post memes. Please, let it stay professional.
We pointed out a potential issue with the job posting but issue does not warrant trolling at all. They are offering compensation and perks which is standard in the market, unlike some other “Volunteer” job post predators we have seen here.
The only thing that we wanted to point out was that a salary range would increase application turnover and @rupert1 did acknowledge that. Let’s just all keep it calm and professional here. :slight_smile:


Closing this topic since it got severely derailed from its original intent. Let’s keep things on topic.