Seeking Technical Support for Error Encountered with Stripe JS2 Plugin

I am reaching out to seek technical support regarding an issue I encountered while using your plugin. When attempting to stripe js2 account update , I received the following error message:

“error”: { “message”: “You must provide a card that has the ‘currency’ field set when adding a card to a Stripe account.”, “param”: “external_account”, “request_log_url”: “”, “type”: “invalid_request_error” }

I have carefully reviewed your documentation and examples, and I have followed the required configurations. However, the problem still persists.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. Here are some key details for your reference:

  • Plugin version used:
  • Code example (if applicable):
  • Environment where the error occurred (e.g., browser type and version):
  • Relevant error logs or debugging information (if available):

I am eagerly looking forward to your technical support and guidance, so that I can successfully complete the seller registration process using your plugin. If you require any additional information or further investigation, please let me know, and I will do my best to provide the necessary support.