Seeking update on template submission status


Colleagues, I submitted my free template 8 days ago, but nothing has happened yet. I’m not sure if this is normal. What should I do?

1-2 weeks; contact support

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Thank you for the reply!

Same position, but here we’re pushing 2 weeks now. Already contacted support a couple of times. It would be very nice if bubble could expedite template publishing.

2 weeks :grimacing: sadness

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Just got resolved today! Template is up, tell me if you want me to share it here. I’m not sure if sharing templates on the forums goes against bubble’s terms…

Congratulations! I am still waiting :frowning:
Certainly, you can share your template, it would be interesting to see)

It would be nice to be faster but it’s a good thing they have an approval system there were and still are countless templates on there that are pretty much near useless that look like they were built by a first month design student promising functionality that just doesn’t exist in the template.

As much as waiting sucks it keeps some integrity in the marketplace even if it’s still half assed :sweat_smile:


The template is approved, but not yet displayed on the marketplace (perhaps in a couple of hours).

Here’s the preview link for the app: Share your files online

I’m waiting to hear your thoughts about the app!


Yeah. Based on what is published I can’t even imagine what DOESN’T make the cut.

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