Segment Implementation, maybe there is some tutorial?

Hello bubblers!

I did have implemented Segment thru the Plugin section

And I did some workflows in the header, (so it would be done automatically across the entire app)

The identify user in the header

And I began to try to track events like “user sign up”

So, now I would be like " I want to see all this stuff in segment"

But not entirely sure if I’m doing it propperly. Like, now I should see for example, the “first” and “last name” of the user?

Has anyone done this properly? Or maybe some outstanding people like @romanmg has a tutorial of it?

Wait for your thoughts

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Hello… anyone with experience on this?!

It doesn’t look like that plugin allows you to do such things, unless they update it to allow you. I am using my own API calls via the API connector and passing in “traits” as an object when doing POST to You can read about this in their documentation:

  "type": "identify",
  "traits": {
    "name": "Peter Gibbons",
    "email": "",
    "plan": "premium",
    "logins": 5
  "userId": "97980cfea0067"

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest getting familiar with crafting API calls using POSTMAN (download it from the Chrome browser store), then copying your setup into Bubble’s API connector so that you can add custom traits when you are identifying your users (or anything else you’d like to do). There are a number of posts in this forum for learning about API Connector.

Hope that helps some.

Hello there!

thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, I’ve notice that doing the following:

Identify the user in signup, does not share the name itself.


It´s like I can’t add First and last name… That’s bad! , because it won’t send to other destinations thru segment!

For example, I can’t see the names (I see the users though) in Mixpanel

So the only way to fully connect segment and send the “traits” as they call them, like first and last name, it’s thru api plugin?

Anyone else solved this in a different way?

would you show me a screenshot of the api connector with segment?

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