Segment plugin behaving erratically

I am trying to use the Segment plugin built by Bubble to send data to Segment and perform analytics. I’ve followed the instructions for setup (made a Segment account, set up a Javascript source and copied the write key into the Segment plugin ‘Write Key’ field). I’ve then added the Segment workflow steps ‘Identify User’ and ‘Track Event’ in a few of the workflows around the editor.

However, performing actions in the app that should send this data to Segment rarely does anything. I follow the workflows in debug mode, step-by-step, and the workflows run as expected, but nothing is sent to Segment.

Most confusingly, a in handful of cases out of my 50+ attempts, the data has reached Segment. ‘Identify User’ is yet to work, but 9 ‘Track Event’ actions have reached Segment. I can’t see any pattern in these ones that made it to Segment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: I have also tried using an ‘HTTP API’ source, but this doesn’t work either.

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