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Select All in Repeating Group (exclude some items) - but DeSelect All is not

Hey All,

Having trouble with this workflow. I followed the tutorials from NoCodeAcademy on how to create a select all future for RG which works great.

I included an additional expression to only select specific records in the Select All List (it is a list of skids with Used/Unused statuses - I only wanted the system to select items in the list that are not used).


However, now my De-Select All is no longer working - and I can’t seem to figure out why.

I ran the Debugger and I can see it’s finding the count in the workflow below and recognizes there are items on the list:


But it won’t update the state of those items


Solved Part 1.

Turns out I can do :minusitem Do A Search form and set my parameters there:)

If it helps anyone in the future:


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