Select Button on the basis of the current cell's value is creating an issue

We are trying to push an ad into a list of adsets, To do the same, we allow our users to multi-select the adsets and push the same using a single update button.

The adsets which are displayed for the multiselection are being filtered on a campaign level as shown in the below-mentioned screenshot

When we multi-select adsets and change the campaigns using the dropdown then the adsets are being selected by default in the new campaigns also because of the condition of picking the current cell’s value. The below-mentioned video link can help you with the issue.

Can someone help me in solving the issue, I have been looking for solutions for almost a week now.

Thanks in advance.

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@Bubble/@emmanuel can you help me with this? I am finding it difficult to solve this issue.

Any help in this would be appreciated!

@sriram Is the issue that your selection is tied to current cell index rather than current cell thing in repeating group? If yes, is your selected icon based on a field on the thing which the user can modify by clicking the +/- icons

Hi Neerja,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes the issue is basically with the button connected with the index of the cell rather than the current cell’s thing.

The (+/-) icons on the repeating group will it an APi and create a row in the database on the basis of the current cell thing. So to answer your question, the current cell’s thing is not based on the thing. Its functionality is to create new rows rather than modifying existing.

Hope this will help. Let me know if you need more information here.

See my tutorial video on selecting things in an RG and doing something based on that:

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Point being that the thing selected and the action you take need not LITERALLY be connected. All you have to do is know what thing is represented by what is selected (you can know both things of course).

@Bubble/@keith That did not help much.

I am attaching the video of the issue once again for your reference, if it can help you.

When i select the + button changes to - button as per the workflow, which is how it should work. The problem here is that when we change the dropdown that populates this RG, the minus button doesn’t shift back to + because it is connected to the current cell’s index rather than the current cell’s thing.

I would need a solution where the plus and minus button shift if there is a change in the dropdown but when you bring the dropdown back to its original state it should be selected and not deselected.

This might look complex in my explanation, the video here can help better. Let me know if I can help you guys better to help me solve the issue.

@sriram the solution in @keith video should work. Is the issue with that approach that you want to retain selection if you move away and then return to the same ‘page’ within RG? In that case, do you have a unique identifier in one of the API dataset fields? You can then have a custom state on the RG which is a list of those unique identifiers and then add a conditional on the select (+/-) buttons.

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