Select from dropdown, add text to multiline input in separate lines

I have a data type called “job description”, each entry is a line of job description like “responsible for escalating issues across multiple business units”.
I would like to be able to:

  1. select from dropdown
  2. add that selected line to a multiline input
  3. keep selecting multiple descriptions, all added to the same input, in separate lines

What I have so far:

  1. RG of “job description”

  2. workflow to add selected items to custom state

  3. show custom state’s content in multiline input

Problem: all items are added but they’re not separated, all in 1 single line consecutively
Question: How do I make them in separate lines?

RG of Job Descriptions

Multiline input with all selected items in 1 single line

I tried to follow another post with the REGEX expression but couldn’t get it right.


Use format as text, and press the enter key to set a line break as the delimiter

thanks for the tips, it worked!
Another question I have is that after adding those lines, and editting the input content, I’m not able to add more.
Any idea how to fix that as well?

Once you change the initial content - it’s no longer initial content…

What you can do is put the multiline input into a group, create a custom state text somewhere and set the multiline input’s initial value to that custom state.

Then anytime either the dropdown or the multiline input value is changed, just update the custom state and reset the group the multiline input is in.

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