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Select PDF Page height problem

Anyone here who can help out with Select PDF plugin?

I am trying to generate a PDF invoice from a bubble page. The page dimensions are set to 1024x1447 and there is a repeating group in the middle of the page that will hold all the invoice items.

The problem is that I can’t seem to set the page to fit one A4 so that the title gets placed on top and that the bottom section is always at the exact bottom of the page with the line items varying in height placed in the middle section.

No matter how I set up the repeating group, within other groups, fixed widths etc. with few rows the page becomes too short and the bottom section gets dragged up to the middle of the invoice. On the other side, with too many line items the invoice becomes too high with a lot of empty space and stretches over two pages.

Any idea how to fix this and always keep the bottom part at the bottom of the page?

Here is an example of a failed PDF invoice:

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