Select Pdf set up

Is anyone using Select Pdf?
Can you point me in the right direction on how to set it up?

have a look at here
but there is still a bug with page’s height. @emmanuel is working on it

The page height issue should be done now no?

Actually, it works well now !
Be carefull to do not use Repearing Group with Infinite Scrolling like I did, but the Full List mode. Otherwise it won t work since no one is here to scroll down. Logic :wink:

Also, you should be generous with page height. I’m hoping SelectPDF will let us dynamically set the page height, but it doesn’t seem like they want to :confused:

That’s great to produce a link to the pdf, but how would we display it in a page / popup before saving or printing??

you can’t. Why would you do this ? can’t you show to the user the html page that will be printed out in the pdf file ?

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We have a couple of issues with PDF still…

  1. We get the “Cookies” message at the top of the page
  2. layout is an issue, as the content is dynamic, so it will be hard to make sure that it shows cleanly on each page. Is there any way to force bottom margins??

here’s a link:

For 2, you can have a look at here. It’s possible to insert some html parameters for improving the printed out pdf

@emmanuel … how about us using instead of Select PDF? It’s MUCH cheaper, and has always been amazing for me when I’ve been converting music files. The added benefit being that presumably we could convert all sorts of things apart from PDFs too

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Is there a more usable plugin or way to have a template or so for exporting the PDF of the page with some formatting?


I´ve tried the link and when clicking on the link of the invoice it gets downloaded by every app says that it cannot open the PDF file.

Did anyone tried and worked?


is it because there are no Select PDF’ Api keys anymore in the plugins section ?

You were right,

Now it works but it´s really slow. Take a look to my app:

Did it works fast for you?

Thanks a lot.

Yes it is (very) slow. Too long for the impatient users we are :slight_smile:

If you can’t generate the PDF before the user asks for it, I would advice to show a popup with a spinner so the user knows it’s processing.
If you can generate the PDF before (I do), you can trigger an API endpoint which generates the PDF in background.

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Thanks for your reply,

I’ve played a bit with it and it’s really slow.

Does anyone have a workaround to get the pdf faster? With selectpdf or other.

Not sure if this has been answered, maybe I missed it.
Is there a way to dynamically change the page height?
I want to create reports for my company. Sometimes the reports are 2 pages other times it has 5 pages. When I set the page height to 2 pages and export 2 pages it works 100%, but when I create a 5 page report pages 3-5 are cut. When I set the page height to 5 pages and export 2 then I’m sitting with 3 blank pages.

Any suggestions?

No worries, I got help on another post :+1::muscle:

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How do I make the pdf password protected?