Selecting A Date From Inside A Group Focus Closes The Group Focus

I have a group focus with a date input inside of it but the problem is every time the user selects a Date, the group focus closes, and i need them to also select the Time.

How can I keep the group focus open while allowing the user to select a date/time from the Airdate time picker element?

Perhaps the group focus is not big enough? does it cover the area behind where the date/time picker is presented?

Yeah i just tested and made it extremely large but still every time i click a Date inside the focus group closes:

Hmmm could be a number of things. I just tried one from scratch and it worked fine.

Is the date/time picker input type set to date and time? Maybe try rebuilding it?

I checked into this further and it looks like the standard Bubble date picker works fine, but the Air Date picker does not work fine and closes the page.

@gaurav I bought your BDK Range Date Picker - is there something that’s causing this behavior where it’s closing the group focus on selection?

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