Selecting a List of things filtered by other table

Hi everyone,
Probably it’s a simple thing but I’ve got stuck there.
I have a Question entity, a user entity, and a UserAnswer entity that contains both User, Question and actually an answer (yes or no).
How do I display Questions that were not answered by the user? So I need to select questions that are not listed in UserAnswer. How can I do this?
thank you!

by “entity” I think you are referring to a data type. As it seems you have data fields set up to create relations between the data types.

If the database is set up correctly and you want to show if a user as answered a particular question you would set up a R.G. with data source “do search for questions” and set a constraint “user list doesn’t contain current user”

That set up would imply you have saved the user to a list of users on a question data type only when they have answered the question.

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Question type itself doesn’t have a field User. UserAnswer is type where I keep record of answered by the user questions (basically I save User, Question and Answer (text field)).
So I need to select all Questions excluding those which are stored in UserAnswers…

And I didn’t get how ‘set a constraint “user list doesn’t contain current user’ works here…