Selecting a specific item in a list (repeating group)

Hi team,

I’m currently building out the subscription model of my app.
I’m struggling to implement an unsubscribe button for a specified subscription in a repeating group.
My repeating group has a maximum of 10 rows, each row with an unsubscribe button. If you have already unsubscribed, the button disappears. I cant get the unsubscribe button to unsubscribe from the user in that particular row in the repeating group. I’ve managed to get it working with [:first item], but that doesnt help me with the remainder of the repeating group. I need the unsubscribe button to talk to (or link to) the user in that very same row.

I hope this makes sense.



Use index of the repeating group cell

Could you please elaborate? I dont have the option to use index anywhere in the repeating group or in the workflow.

Do you have a field on the user labeled “Status” ? If so, just do a conditional on the unsubscribe button that says if Current cell user Status is “no”, this element is viewable. Make sure you uncheck the Item is visible at load on the first screen of the edit pop-up.

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I’ll elaborate a little further, as i’ve caused a bit of confusion.

I currently have a number of fields in User, one of being a list of subscriptions, one being subscribers, and a handful of others that work off the basis of a subscription model. I also have a Subscription data type which has similar information.

Currently, when the user hit’s the unsubscribe button, if I want the user to end their subscription from their list of subscriptions (see the picture in opening post), it is currently ending the subscription in the first row in the repeating group. I want to be able to end a specific item in that repeating group (whether it be in the first row, 4th, 9th etc), not the first item, but I don’t know how to do this currently.

I hope this makes it clearer.
Thankyou for your help.

In a Repeating Group of Subscriptions, you would choose “This Subscription” which will be the one in the row that the use hit the Button in.

So remove that from the User’s list of Subscriptions.

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