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Selecting Data Based On Inputted Value


This is a plane booking/flight booking application for a flight school and I’m trying to call airplane data that has been pre-saved as a ‘thing’ under the user as ‘user airplanes’ but it’s giving me ALL things under that user (currently set as a list of things because one user may have multiple airplanes), not the data for the airplane selected in the drop down menu on this page called ‘aircraft’…

Right now when you select an ‘Aircraft’ under the drop down menu, it searches the current users airplane’s data and displays the current users airplanes airspeed(s) (for ALL planes under this user, NOT the one selected in the drop down menu above under ‘aircraft’) i.e. the plane that they are using for this particular flight…

Each plane that the user adds to their profile has it’s own unique information such as tail number, fuel burn rate, average airspeed, image etc. and I want the data to call dynamically when the user is adding a flight. The user should be able to select the aircraft from their pre-inputted ‘aircraft profile’ and have that airplanes airspeed display on this page.

I just added another text next to your existing one. I don’t seem to have any available data in my aircraft dropdown, could you test it and see if this is working as you want it to? If so, I can walk you through what I did.

Holy crap that worked!

What did you do exactly?! And why was I incorrect the first time???