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Selecting Data Types + Fields from Dropdown Input on User Sign Up

Evening everyone,

After a lot of reading and messing around for the last couple hours… I am really struggling with finding a way to allow new users (during the sign up stage) to select a department/group from a dropdown input. Later in the development of my app, the users will only be able to make changes / submit information to the department/group they have joined on signup.

I am confident I have now got the hang of having different user roles and certain user roles requiring admin-approval on signup… but finding a way to allow the new user to select a group is just not clicking on with me.

I have tried creating a new data type called Departments, and listing the departments/groups (Sales, HR, Management, etc…) as new text fields… but when it comes to displaying it on the design signup page in a dropdown input… I get lost at Dynamic choices > choices source.

Being a Knack user, until I discovered Bubble of course, it does take some time re-adapting my way of thinking, but if anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you,


You’ll want the source to be “Do a search for…” followed by the type you created. If you haven’t already, try the tutorials to get an idea of the typical ways of accessing and manipulating data.

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Hello Mike :slight_smile: Within your Department data type App Data you can manually create one entry for each Department. Right now, I assume you have a field within Department for the Department’s Title (type: Text, List: No). Then you can create a field on the User called “Department” (Type: Department, List: No).

In the dropdown, have the type of choices be Department, and choices source be: Do A Search for Departments. The option would be “Current option’s Title”, since you want the title of the Department to be shown in the dropdown to the User. This setup should populate the dropdown with the entries you created (Sales, HR, Management, etc.). To ‘connect’ the selected Department to the User on Sign up, you would set the User’s Department field equal to the Department Dropdown’s value when Sign Up is clicked.


That’s brilliant. Thank you @fayewatson and @Scott for that eureka moment. It’s working now and I have a better understanding of how this would work. :grin:

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