Selecting lowest value of a thing

Hi all,

I have made a ‘thing’ which is made up of multiple fields. Everytime a user runs my app and completes it (kind of a questionnaire), the fields will get a number value based on the user input. These fields have a unique name to it.

I want bubble to show the user the field from the thing that has the lowest value. I can’t seem to figure it out. Working with a list won’t work because the fields are unique and have to be linked to the value based on the user input.

Can anybody give me some advice?


I’m not sure if this idea will help (would need to know more about your db setup), but one of the options when you do a search for something is :min. So, I’m guessing you might be able to use that option to find and display the thing with the lowest value (whatever that actually means in your app). Do you think that option might be what you need?


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