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Selecting of Gender M/F

I am trying to have gender m/f stored with each qr code scanned. This will be done manually by the scanning user.

Currently if the scanning user scans the code they are directed to the page which there information shows . On this page is a button(back to scanner) they click to take them back to the scanner to make another scan.

The way I am trying to achieve this is; I have replaced the button (go back to scanner) with two icons. 1 male and 1 being female.

When for example the male icon is clicked, it finds that end user and changes ‘male’ to ‘yes’ in the database. but by doing this I only get 1 male stat per end user no matter how many times that end user has a code scanned. I would like this to be documented in every scan regardless if its the same end user

I am wondering if I change the database Male to a list for the user. Will it store it with each scan?

p.s (the end user signs in with FB and does not create account, I don’t want to use FB stats for this)
How would you all go about this?

Thank you for any reply.

Instead of having a yes/no field for the data types Male/Woman, you can turn those into a ‘Number’ data type.

Then the workflow for the male would be: Step 1: Make changes to … Male’s value: last item + 1. Step 2: go to page …

Now every time the Scanner clicks on the male icon, it takes the latest value, for example 47 and adds 1 to it. Making it 48.

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