Selecting records from two sources

I need to enable users to select names from a DataType Users and DataType Contacts.

I’ve managed to create a RG that displays each Users’s own contacts that they can then select and it displays them in another RG using a Custom State.
I need to enable them to look further afield though in case the person they need isn’t in their own contacts so they should look in all App Users.

How might I achieve this?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You could “pretend” and have a button that hides the first group and shows a list of all App Users.

More complicated would be … create a data type to combine the two (so a field of type Contact and one of type User).

Or…use a text field and search for Unique Ids and then display based on whether one exists or not.

(and if you want to be really really fancy … create an Integromat webhook to call your data APIs and then merge them together and pass back. But there are easier ways).

Nigel, Thank you.
I’m looking into all these ways (although I might not look too hard into webhooks as I felt my brain fuse when I read “Integromat”!).
I’m playing around with your first suggestion which has put me on an optimistic path.
Many thanks again!

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